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“Unveil the divine story of Coconuts with Dasa Cocos!”

Who we are?

Coconut and Sri Lankan culture always walk side by side since earliest days when Sri Lanka was then called as Ceylon; the magnificent pearl of the Indian Ocean! We are a well-established organization in the arena of ‘manufacturing and exporting 100% natural and organic coconut based products’ of top-notch quality, since 1975.

What we do?

We are an organization which has been mass-producing high-tier natural & organic coconut based food& cosmetic products for over 4 decades and proudly owns a well-sought-after brand among thousand and one well-satisfied customers, across the seas.

Why Choose Us

There 5 fundamental reasons why you should choose DasaCocos products which derives from the core values of our operations.

Top-notch quality as the major priority

Wide range of organic products

A competitive price

that make you a winning importer.

Pure Organic Coconuts

Harnessed from the coconut triangle in Sri Lanka.

“We Care” approach

towards our employees, farmers, customers and environment

Our Certifications

3 Ps of DasaCocos