Dasa Cocos Products
Product Description
Coconut milk is a must have in every Sri Lankan kitchen. Usually in Sri Lanka we scrape the coconut and extract the milk by hand or using a blender. But is not it taking a lot of your time from breaking the coconut shell to scraping it and squeezing the milk from it? We at DasaCocos have made it easier for you by offering you fresh ready to use coconut milk.

It is healthy, it is tasty it is refreshing and full of nutrients and electrolytes. Considered as a miracle liquid for its great ability to build up bodys immune system and prevent diseases, our coconut oil ready to be used in whatever way you want. From your curries to dessert or even your morning coffee to give you a boost of energy along with the nutrients you need to kick-start your day.

Our coconut milk is 100%natural with just one ingredient: finest fresh coconuts straight from the shell.
Packaging types and Pack sizes
Type : Jar | Bottle | Can
Sizes : 200 ml | 400 ml | 3L

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