Dasa Cocos Products
Product Description
Coconut is a signature tree found abundantly in the tropical region and it is used readily in the tropics. However the hard shell covering the snowy white meat of the fruit is hard to break into. And most of us find it difficult and time consuming to scrape the tasty nourishing core of the coconut fruit. DasaCocos has the perfect solution for it with our very own Desiccated coconut which is ready to use. It is crisp, snow white in color and has sweet pleasant and fresh taste that is just right for your cooking needs whether it is used as a filling, a topping or as an ingredient to cook delicious meals for food manufacturers.

Our desiccated coconut is made from the freshest matured coconuts which are harvested at the right time to ensure that the essence and the flavors of the true coconut is preserved. DasaCocos desiccated coconut is processed by dehydrating the white coconut meat at optimum temperature and cut into desired sizes and is available in granules flakes or shredded strips just for your liking.
Packaging types and Pack sizes
Type : Pouch | Bags
Sizes : 300g | 500g | 1kg

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