Corporate Social Responsibility

DASA COCOS work by the winsome concept of Fair trade

DASA COCOS work by the winsome concept of Fair trade. One of our major intentions is to uplift the life style and infrastructure facilities of our local farmers, by providing them with the best sources, necessary to write an alluring story of COCONUT.

In fact, we focus on ensuring the best prices, optimal working conditions, sustainable growth and fairer deals for local farmers and contributors so that the ultimate products utilized by their well-served harvest, further refined by high-end machinery at DASA COCOS, would reach the top-notch quality in the global market.

  • As much as DASACOCOS aspires to make you healthy through introducing a broad range of natural coconut based products with stringent and quality driven manufacturing, the well-being of every stake holders in the value chain is valued at the optimal level. Dasacocos is not merely a coconut based product manufacturer but also a responsible cooperate entity by which everyone is benefited to the fullest.
  • We at Dasacocos have formed our principals and goals in a way by which every single coconut farmer to the employees of Dasacocos, will gain the benefits of fair trade and labor practices, at its best.
  • Human resource is valued as the most prestigious asset of our organization which has enabled us to maintain the pinnacle of success in the business for over 40 years. Each and every food product you purchase from Dasacocos will finally benefit approximately over 300 farming families in Sri Lanka.

Sihnala - Hindu New Year festival

We at Dasacocos always believe in that human capital as the greatest asset we have. We value their cultures & beliefs which has enabled us to bond not only with the direct employee but their families as well. We always invest in shared values we both have and "Sihnala - Hindu New Year festival" is one of the biggest cultural festival that Sri Lankan celebrates.

DASA Aluth Awurudu (New Year) festival was held at factory premises with everyone's involvement including leadership team and all the families connected. It was quite a fun day and employees and their families networked, games were played and enjoyed finest Sri lankan new year foods.

Looking forward to celebrate more and more cultural events to come